We concentrate on preparations for women‘s and men‘s health. In research and development, this means paying special attention to the different dosage forms of drugs (galenics). As the first pharmaceutical company worldwide, we launched hormones in gel form for transdermal application and absorption through the skin. It is for this reason that we managed to stay the market leader in the treatment of hormone deficiency disorders up to this day.


Do hot flashes, perspiration attacks and sleepless nights sound familiar to you? While on some women menopause goes past almost unnoticed, more than a third of them suffer day to day from severe symptoms, requiring treatment. Hormone therapy can help the affected to regain a better quality of life: As the body is not capable of producing the sufficient quantities of needed hormones without help, a replacement of those hormones is conducted during the therapy process. Due to transdermal applications being considered particularly gentle, more and more medical doctors proceed to prescribe this unique therapy form. To protect the uterine lining, the oestradiol gel is usually combined with natural progesterone.


Easy to use, and at the same time offering utmost protection against unwanted pregnancy: In Germany, oral contraceptives are still the number one of all birth control methods. Most adolescents and adults use it as a prevention measurement. But as different as women are, as individual contraception should be! This is why our advanced pills consist of different active ingredient combinations and dosages. Combined micro-pills, as well as pills free of oestrogen, are deemed particularly effective.


The days before the days – they do have it all: During ovulation and menstrual bleeding, about two-thirds of all female suffer from hormonal breast tenderness or chest pain. The very same symptoms affect many women during their menopause, usually caused by a deficiency of progesterone. As a result, the oestrogen predominates, and water retention in the breast tissue occurs. The unpleasant consequences: Every touch hurts, the chest gets hot and tense. Luckily, in most cases, the symptoms are discomforting but harmless. With our progesterone gel regularly applied to the affected body site, quick relief is guaranteed.


The vagina is dry, and every touch causes physical pain: Due to the hormone change during menopause, almost half of all women suffer from vaginal atrophy. The pain is caused by a lack of oestrogen, leading to a degeneration of the vaginal skin’s cell layers. The vagina suffers from an insufficient amount of blood, causing less moisture to be formed. Even younger women with maladjusted hormone balances might be afflicted by vaginal complaints. In those cases, many gynaecologists favour prescribing the lowest possible dose of a local estriol therapy. With our specially tailored suppository, you find the preparation with the lowest possible dose on the worldwide market.


A large part of all males older than 50 years of age are affected by a hormone deficiency with consequent discomfort. Subsequently, they feel exhausted and lack motivation, their muscular strength diminishes, and even sex suddenly becomes more frustrating than pleasurable. Although there is a natural decline in testosterone production in the course of life, this can be intensified by a physical or mental unhealthy lifestyle or illnesses such as diabetes. Thanks to the advancements in modern medicine, the missing hormones can be replaced. With our testosterone gel, you find a well-tolerated preparation, easy to use and precisely controlled. It keeps the testosterone level steady, and with no unpleasant side effects, it is suitable even for long-term therapies.



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