Whether male or femaIe: Every single person is unique. But in the course of a lifetime, people change – and this change can create a significant impact on one’s health and well-being. Once these cases occur, individually tailored, medical solutions will be in demand. DR. KADE / BESINS Pharma GmbH, a leading supplier of modern hormone preparations, is at your disposal. Based in Berlin but providing our expertise worldwide, we constantly stay at the cutting edge of research and product development, both for men and women. All our pharmaceuticals are designed to help our patients getting healthier, feeling more vital and living a dynamic lifestyle.


No matter what stage of life you are in – we do offer all interested women advanced remedies and individual treatments. In doing so, we primarily specialize in preparations for hormone therapies during menopause or for contraception.


Testosterone gel is one of the most recent and innovative types of therapy for age-related testosterone deficiency. As the first company ever, we were able to develop testosterone as a gel, successfully marketing it throughout the world.


Looking for further information? At HORMONSPEZIALISTEN.DE, we offer an interactive exchange with experts, scientific specialist treatises, and comprehensive product information for healthcare professionals.


From the very first breath right up until old age – all of us will be affected by hormones throughout our lives. The way of the tiny messenger substances interacting is considered one of the most complex processes in the human body. And a great deal of scientific experience and expertise is required to eventually understand the endocrine processes, and to finally obtain benefits by using them for health purposes.

With us, you find proficient hormone specialists! Rooted in Germany, but at home all over the world, DR. KADE / BESINS is a joint venture of DR. KADE Pharma and BESINS Healthcare – the ideal synthesis of traditional values and innovative approaches. Our state-of-the-art hormone preparations are based on the latest scientific findings. We provide doctors with well-founded information that they can turn into account in their daily practice.

Our pharmaceutical combined with our longstanding expertise can help patients to improve their quality of life. In all this, our young and dynamic company is steadily aware of its great responsibility towards everybody concerned.
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At present, in the majority of cases a transdermal application is the preferred way of using hormones. By pioneering this vast medical field, we were able to come up with a gel-based hormone therapy for males and females. Meanwhile, our invention is highly valued by doctors and patients alike. In addition, numerous girls and women rely on our birth control pills or benefit from our wide selection of modern oral contraceptives for each individual demand.

Hormone substitution

For menopausal symptoms, we are a competent and reliable partner both for the women concerned, as well as the gynaecologist in charge.


Oral contraception

With our oral contraceptives being tailor-made for personal needs, almost every woman can benefit from our safe birth control devices.

Geriatric hypogonadism

Discomfort due to age-related testosterone deficiencies can be successfully treated with our precisely controlled testosterone gel forms.


Our progesterone gel is a well-tolerated therapy option for breast complaints caused by hormone deficiency in the cycle of or during menopause.

Vaginal atrophy

The involution of the vaginal epithelium (vaginal tissue) due to an oestrogen deficiency can be effectively worked on with our locally applied estriol preparations.


National and international

With many years of extensive expertise in product launches, product management, and field services, we are proud to enjoy an excellent reputation among doctors in Germany. Beyond borders, it is our strong partner Besins Healthcare who successfully positions and manages commodities for international clients.

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